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Nestlé KitKat Milk Chocolate [Australian Import] Review (Posted on 04-24-2018)

This is a special food review because it marks as the first international product ever tasted, eaten and reviewed here on FOODSOTROS!! It may be just another commonly branded KitKat, but this comes from the land down under: Australia.

What I didn't expect was the taste because (apparently), food product standards are different in other countries compared to here in the United States. You know how the McDonald's in Japan has a menu serving healthy food, as opposed to the McDonald's food here in the US which serves food that doesn't decompose in your body? "Different strokes, different folks," as the saying goes. Apply those variables to this equation and you'll see what I mean.

Saying that, this KitKat bar tastes less sweet than the ones marketed here in the US. In other words, you won't get a toothache eating these. Because of that, I was able to taste the fresh cocoa that were grown, picked and made this chocolate-related product possible. The wafers are just as good, nothing different there. Posssibly the biggest selling point is how large this bar is, having the bar's rows and columns pre-cut for easier breaking. Depending on your sugar intakes, I'll bet you won't finish this in one sitting (for someone with a huge appetite like myself, I barely could eat half of it). Nevertheless, being that the sugar content is rather low, it's fine to eat how ever much you can.

If you're a huge fan of KitKat but feel restrained because of the high sugar content, try importing these ones from Australia. Who knows, it may lead into becoming the perfect vacation spot for your next annual escape. As a matter of fact, if majority of international chocolate bars have low amounts of sugar compared to the ones sold here in the US, I think it's time we make importing chocolate/candy from other countries a trendy thing.

Let's face it: Other countries are easy with their ingredients, such as grams of salt and sugar, while those same contents are served in hoards here in the US. Are we missing something here? I doubt the FDA is doing something about it. Eat too much of a particular ingredient, then you get sick, thus infecting your system, where you end up going to the hospital receiving a bill having to pay thousands of dollars just to feel better. It's time to wake up, fellow Americans. Spread the word.

Highly recommended! And I mean, recommended importing this from Australia.

(Special thanks to Renia Sarkisordoukhanian for bringing this product in consideration for review!)

Though I would recommend zChocolat:
336x280 Romantic Collection

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Nestlé KitKat Milk Chocolate (Australian Import) Profile Info

Brand Nestlé
Item KitKat Milk Chocolate
Description Peel open, share & re-close

Have a break,
have a KitKat.®

Crisp Wafer Fingers
Covered with Smooth
Milk Chocolate

Cocoa Plan®

Nestlé sources UTZ certified sustainable cocoa for KITKAT and Nestlé retail chocolate made in Australia. Nestlé works closely with farmers to improve the quality of their lives and products through training, providing higher yielding plants and building local schools.

UTZ Certified Cocoa
Better farming
Better future

Mr Kouassi Yao Mathias and Mr Adzeu Venance,
Cocoa Farmer and Nestlé Agronomist, Côte d'Ivoire.
Bar Code Number 9 300605 030527
Net Weight 170g
Product Number 43642536 / 80570316A
Servings Per Package 11
Serving Size 15.5g (1 row)
Energy / Avg Qty per 100 g 340 kJ - 4% / 2170 kJ
Protein / Avg Qty per 100 g 1.1 g - 2% / 6.8 g
Fat Total / Avg Qty per 100 g 4.3 g - 6% / 28.0 g
Saturated Fat 2.7 g - 11% / 17.3 g
Carbohydrate / Avg Qty per 100 g 9.2 g - 3% / 59.5 g
Sugars 8.0 g - 9% / 51.7 g
Sodium 12 mg - 0.5% / 74 mg
Ingredients Sugar, Full cream milk powder, Cocoa butter, Wheat flour, Vegetable fat [Emulsifier (Soy lecithin)], Cocoa mass, Emulsifiers (Soy lecithin, 476), Cocoa, Yeast, Raising agent (Sodium bicarbonate), Flavours, Salt.

Contains Milk, Wheat and Soy.

May contain Peanuts and Tree nuts.

Product contains 76% Milk chocolate and 24% Wafer fingers.

Milk chocolate contains minimum 22% Cocoa solids and 25% Milk solids.

Good to talk In Australia 1 800 025 361
Nestlé Australia Ltd,
1 Homebush Bay Dr,
Rhodes NSW 2138, Australia.

In New Zealand 0800830 840
Nestlé New Zealand Limited,
12-16 Nicholls Lane, Parnell,
Auckland, New Zealand.
4% DI*

Be treatwise®
Enjoy a balanced diet

Cocoa Plan®
Improving the lives of cocoa farmers and the quality of their products

One serve

Nestlé Good Food. Good Life®

Good to remember
Chocolate blocks are perfect for sharing. Break off 1 row for a delicious treat, then share or re-close to save for later.

®Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.

Store cool and dry